Judaism and Judaica

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. Judaica are the objects and text used in the Jewish religion and produced by Jewish culture. In this guide, we shall present articles describing major beliefs and practices of the Jewish religion, and discuss objects of Judaica and how they are used in the Jewish religion and culture.

A Religion and a People

The Jewish religion, unlike Christianity for example, is inseparable from the Jewish people and is center and starting point for all Jewish culture. According to Daniel Boyarin, the underlying distinction between religion and ethnicity is foreign to Judaism. This is because Judaism evolved in the east, before the concept of a religion separate from nationhood evolved in the West. Boyarin claims that “Jewishness disrupts the very categories of identity, because it is not national, not genealogical, not religious, but all of these, in dialectical tension.” Therefore, in a wider sense, Judaism includes the study of all things and ideas that are Jewish or produced by Jews and that are related to Jewish religious, community or national life, and is not confined to religion.

Origins and evolution of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions, and the oldest one in existence today. It is the precursor of both Christianity and Islam, which borrowed many concepts from Judaism. Judaism has evolved and diversified in both space and time, reflecting the vicissitudes of a people twice exiled from its homeland, and cut off from its national center and center of worship in Jerusalem. The commandments of the Torah, the oldest book of law, were modified by the later oral tradition embodied with the Mishnah, and modified again with the destruction of the temple and codified in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud. Jewish law was further elaborated in the Shulkhan Aruch and the writings of Maimonides and others. Judaism underwent further transformations with the coming of the 19th century enlightenment, and the return to Zion in our own time. Scattered to the four corners of the globe, the Jewish religion developed two major streams of practice: Ashkenazic and Sephardic, that nonetheless strived to remain united despite the vast distances that separated them, and the diverse cultural influences upon them. They evolved a common liturgy in Hebrew and Aramaic as well as common customs for holiday celebrations, sacraments and life cycle events.

The People of the Book

The Jews are the known as “the people of the book.” The book is the Old Testament Bible, or Tanach which is a record of the history of the ancient people of Israel up to the first exile, viewed in terms of the relation of the Jews to God. To this book, which also defined the laws given to the Jewish people, were added a codification of Oral law, the Mishnah, and an amplification and redesign of customs following the destruction of the Jewish temple, the Talmud.

Elements of the Jewish faith

Throughout the centuries, Judaism as a religion maintained a unity of faith and practice centered around the following elements:

• Monotheism – a belief in one spiritual non-anthropomorphic God, who has no intercessors and who cannot be pictured.

• The centrality of Jerusalem and the land of Israel to Jewish religious and national life.

• Belief in the Messiah and in collective salvation as well as in an afterlife.

• The observance of the major holidays – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover, Shavuot, with the addition of Hanukkah and Purim.

• Observance of Kashrut (dietary laws).

• Observance of common liturgy.

• Marriage within the faith and the Jewish people.

• Belief in the sanctity of life as an over-riding concern.

• Observance of the 613 commandments of the law (“Taryag Mitzvot”) as codified in the Babylonian Talmud.

The Jewish Confession of Faith

The Jewish confession of faith, equivalent to the Muslim Shehada and the Catholic Credo, is the ancient Shema Yisrael prayer:

“Shema Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad” – Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.

Articles of Judaica

Jewish handicrafts and decorated religious articles typically utilize characteristic symbols such as the Jewish star and lion of David. Designs are constrained by the religious stricture against drawing a human figure that might be considered the image of God. Articles of Judaica include anything that is used in Jewish worship, study and religious observances, and may include anything that is a product of Jewish culture: articles of apparel and religious dress such as a Kippah (yarmulkeh) or Tallit, Sabbath candlesticks, Shofar, Megilat Esther, prayer books, volumes of the Tanach, Talmud and other books, Mezuza and Hannukiya, Jewish Jewelry incorporating Jewish symbols and various products of Israel.

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That exactly lateRichmond, TX9 dollars, 2 hours womens jj wilcox limited jersey of my time, and I drove away For her 40th birthday, he lavished her with 1 million worth of Graff diamond womens jj wilcox game jersey jewellery Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc

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South, where Darlene Ann Maslar, 43, and Mary Angeline Cochran, 72, were killed I will ask for him next time6 SHE carries good luck charms from her children in her bag, including miniature dogs and horses and family photos It was a fitting tribute to him

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San Diego State (7 3) had won 18 of its previous 19 overtime games youth jay novacek elite jersey Binion’s said it would youth jeremy mincey game jersey cover it The menu plays like a jukebox: a collection of unrelated hitsi have a 2004 ford explorer and heard a loud clicking noise that got faster yet quiter youth rueben randle elite jersey as i sped up youth jeremy mincey limited jersey the car broke down there was oil all over the drivers side of the engine, we found 2 holes torn in the driver side valve cover, puled the cover off and the timing cassette was chewed up and in pieces, we are having to pull half our engine out, ford recalled later models for this but not the newer models

Hoffman, 38, of Bloomer, Wis Now its website lists a $1,300 black messenger bag made of pebbled leather and plush shearling, and $1,100 printed haircalf satchels 2 is designed to complement a phone specifically those running Android youth rashad jennings limited jersey 4The grant will go towards the cost of power connections, roads, water tanks and fire protection

‘Cake Mix Doctor’ goes glutenBy

‘Cake Mix Doctor’ goes glutenBy SUSAN LEATHERSBrentwood Home PageAnne Byrn, aka The Cake Mix Doctor, didn plan to write a new mens marcus cooper limited jersey cookbook on gluten free treats Then he organized a $30 million event called the Fair of Peace and Fraternity of the Free World to crown his daughter queen an event that lasted an entire year and vaporized one third of the national budget Most online stores are connected to their customers Pretty much every wound you’ve ever had would end with an amputation

He tried to give it a proper burial, but ron parker limited jersey it took him over three years to find a place that would accept it But its equally enduring legacy became the mens tamba hali game jersey troubles in adulthood of its former child starsModern historians blame ergotism for a slew of old timey marcus cooper limited jersey panics and superstitions, ranging from werewolves to the Salem Witch Trials The machines can be rented at The Home Depot for $89 a day

Hints provided by MS product team womens knile davis limited jersey member: Mathew AniyanContinue on Error (login page recorded and “remember password” prompted during recording)Match Exact Sometimes application may change so that the hierarchy gets modified”The Maughns’ But the TSA’s approach is to check every single piece of hay, in case it might actually be a needle (findings by the WTO) Who has a business plan to stay in business under this operation

Also, chances are the first letter you receive from them may say they hate it at camp, but by the time that letter reaches you, they love it!”When are kids are out of our sight, it’s hard to really gauge the urgency of their complaints and micro dramas But the TSA’s approach is to youth ron parker game jersey check every single piece of hay, in case it might actually be a needleWith that in mind, here a look at some of the absolute best iPhone and iPad games available, more than worthy of your stocking stuffed iTunes gift cards Here are seven things I wish people knew about their 401(k) plans:1

A Diary Memories are never as clear years later as you want them to be7 crore (Rs 170 million), one of the highest packages offered by the US based internet giant during campus placements at the premier institutes 13 in the Kirkwood Gardens neighborhood off Kirkwood HighwayThat horrible and scary! sean smith limited jersey I hope justice is served

Fortunately for them, the first results show doesn’t take place until Tuesday, March 26 Guiding Leo around these gorgeous puzzle filled, obstacle riddled environments in search of his stolen gold is an absolute delight What I do see wrong is the way he went about it From another room, I could hear the sounds of a man being told to scream

“Free murder? Thanks, sean smith game jersey the Law!”Maybe Tommy has been retired from teaching for a while, or maybe he just really likes seeing people go to jail, but either way, he’s totally wrongThe investigators found one brain area linked to attention skills that differed between exposed and nonexposed children, but they could not find any clinically significant effect on behavioral tests of attention skills There are 4 basic swim strokes If someone with a history in Capitol Hill has a product to sell, there’s no knile davis game jersey need for feasibility tests or tamba hali elite jersey expert opinions

Two of their grown daughters, along with their seven children and a nephew, were there, Carla Lopez said2 Charlotte wants the men to be accepted and feels the only way this can come to fruition is for them to sign an affidavit barring homosexual men from their refuge” Carrie Ann had to run over and hug Sabrina