Author: Yossi Belz

Rosh Hashanah Customs and Traditions

The traditional greeting on this day is “Shana Tovah” (A Good Year), and an additional blessing of “Ktiva ve’chatima tovah” (may you be inscribed and sealed for a Good Year) is added before and...

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Dead Sea Minerals Benefits

The Dead Sea’s unique property of high concentrated salt and mineral content distinguish it from any other body of water in the world.  The Dead Sea Salt has 21 minerals, twelve of which aren’t found in any other...

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Nahal Brigade

Nahal is an acronym for “Noar Halutzi Lochem” (Fighting Pioneer Youth) and is an infantry brigade in the Israeli Defense Forces. When the Jewish State was formed, a core group of Zionist pioneers wrote the then Prime...

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Givati Brigade

Givati is the amphibious force and is one of the infantry brigades in the Israeli Army. The Givati Brigade was formed in December 1947. It operated in the central region of Israel at the outset of the 1948 Israeli War of...

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Golani Brigade

“A Warriers Unit” This highly decorated infantry unit is known for their soldier’s braveness, toughness and quick responses. History The Golani Brigade is an Israeli infantry brigade formed on February 28, 1948...

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