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Dead Sea Salts

What specific benefits are there to Dead Sea Salts? • Rheumatologic Conditions such as Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Osteoarthritis are often eased. The minerals in the salts are absorbed while soaking which stimulates...

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Dead Sea Mud

What is special about Dead Sea Mud? • Dead Sea Mud contains an amazing twenty-six minerals that are necessary for healthy skin. The minerals rejuvenate and recreate cells. This prevents the aging of skin. • Dead Sea Mud draws...

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Dead Sea Facts

• The Dead Sea is actually a saltwater lake and not a sea at all! • It is located between Jordan and Israel- the northern half belongs to Jordan and the southern half to Israel. • The river Jordan flows from the north into the...

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Dead Sea Minerals Benefits

The Dead Sea’s unique property of high concentrated salt and mineral content distinguish it from any other body of water in the world.  The Dead Sea Salt has 21 minerals, twelve of which aren’t found in any other...

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