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Bat Mitzvah

What is a Bat Mitzvah? A Bat Mitzvah is a status of a Jewish girl once she reaches the age of twelve. From the age of twelve and onwards, Jewish girls are regarded as responsible to observe the six-hundred-and-thirteen...

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Birth in Judaism

Various traditional Jewish ceremonies attend the birth and naming of a child. The most important of these, for boys, is the Brit Mila (circumcision) ceremony performed on the eighth day of the boy’s life, which makes him a...

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Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah ( Hebrew pronunciation Bar- Mits-vah’) means “liable to the commandments” or literally, “son of the commandments. In Judaism it signifies a boy who has come of age, or the ceremony and...

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Simchat Habat

Simchat Habat (Zeved Habat) is the Ashkenazic (European) Jewish name for the ceremony for naming of baby girls. It is sometimes called Brit Habat or “Brita” (feminine of Brit) as a parallel to the Brit Mila of boys....

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Pidyon Haben

The ceremony of Pidyon Haben  (redemption of the first born son) is generally performed on the thirtieth day of a Jewish child’s life. The boy is “redeemed” symbolically from service in the temple.  There are...

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Jewish Life Cycles

The Jewish religion covers all aspects of life, from birth to death. For each event there are rituals and prayers that are prescribed and have evolved through tradition. The Sacraments of the Jewish Life Cycle Birth – On...

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