Givati is the amphibious force and is one of the infantry brigades in the Israeli Army.

The Givati Brigade was formed in December 1947. It operated in the central region of Israel at the outset of the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. Subsequently, in this war, the Givati became the Fifth Brigade, moving to the south, concentrated mainly near Gedera, Gan Yavne, and Be’er Tuvia. One of its battalions fought on the Jerusalem front, in Operation Nachshon and the Battles of Latrun.

In 2007, the Givati Brigade was divided into three main battalions, given the names of trees.

Shaked (Almond) Infantry Battalion
Tzabar (Cactus) Infantry Battalion
Rotem (Furze) Infantry Battalion

In addition, there are units for reconnaissance, engineering and others, such as;
Shualei Shimshon (Samsons Foxes) Special Troops Battalion which includes;
* Dikla (Palm) Anti Tank Company
* Dolev Engineer Company
* Shualei Shimshon Reconnaissance Company
Ma’or Signa¬† Company

The Givati soldiers are recognized for their distinctive purple berets. The symbol of Givati is the fox, hence the special “Shualei Shimshon” (Samson’s foxes) reconnaissance unit.