“A Warriers Unit”
This highly decorated infantry unit is known for their soldier’s braveness, toughness and quick responses.

The Golani Brigade is an Israeli infantry brigade formed on February 28, 1948 when two existing brigades (Levanoni and Carmeli) were combined to form one of the most highly decorated infantry units in the IDF. At that time, the brigade was stationed in the Galilee, therefore its symbol is a green olive tree with roots on yellow soil, symbolizing Golani’s role in the south of Israel when it took Eilat in 1948. Since most of the early Golani soldiers were farmers and new immigrants, they designated the beret color as brown to symbolize the soil of Israel.

The specialized Sayeret Golani, is a reconnaissance company with an extremely difficult training regimen which is stationed in the upper Galilee and Golan.


The various units in the Golani Brigade are as follows;

12th Barak (Lightning) Infantry Battalion
13th Gideon Infantry Battalion
51st First Breachers (HaBok’im) Infantry Battalion
Egoz (Nut Tree) Reconnaissance Battalion (Anti-guerilla Special Forces)
Special Troops Battalion
Anti-tank Company
Engineer Company
Reconnaissance Company
351st Signal Company

The heavy “Achzarit” armored personnel carrier is a very heavily armored vehicle designed for specialized fighting (car bombs, mines, and rocket-propelled grenades)